need help; building uneven rhythms

hello, i want to explore the interesting world of uneven rhythms, e.g. 11/8 or simple 7/8,3/4. my thoughts are going into the direction of rhythm explorer, euclidian sequencers. how could i patch uneven rhythms? in rhythm explorer it is possible to use triplets. perhaps possible with them? or with euclidian sequencers?

any ideas or infos to read? Thanks Karl

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Here’s one thing I like doing: grab any slope generator with an EOC (“end of cycle”); set it to loop; feed a sequence to the rise or fall; then, send a copy of the EOC to clock the sequencer and another one to trigger an envelope. Now the sequence steps control the time between the notes! Tip: try modulating the sequence for some nice variation. Just remember you won’t be working in time signatures anymore haha.

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sequencers with step triggers and reset + random generators + logic modules…have a nice trip :smiley:

To gain additional variation, you can also apply the techniques described in the video above to Euclidian sequencers,

For this, I like Polygene by RareBreeds, because it is versatile yet compact, and allows for easy randomization, especially after its recent update.

You can feed it a polyphonic clock signal with different clock speeds on each channel, so everything can still happen within a single instance of Polygene.

Similarly, its output is also polyphonic, hence you’ll want to split it, e.g. using VCV’s Split module.

Hmmh, i’m not sure if i understand the details from the video. the patches work and i can change the parameters bpm/len to modify rhythms. but i did not manage it to create rhythms like e.g. 11/8. as far as i understand, i have to set len to 88 and bpm to eighth notes. or do i understand something completely wrong?

does anyone know something about it?


Just think like this, set the clock to your eighth note, feed it to your 16 step sequencer set to 11 steps, viola 11/8. Count Modula can make this easy with their gate, trigger and cv sequencers.