need help adding to a patch

Hi everyone,

I made a simple little patch that uses a 4x4 matrix to create melodies and a bass line and I wanna add more modulation but I’m not sure what to do with the patch or what else to modulate, like I wanna introduce more musical bleeps and bloops without taking away from the original melody, I achieved a small step using FM Synthesis on an off beat but like I said I’m at a creative roadblock.

here is the patch:

here is what I have so far:

y’all can download the patch and mess with it and send me back ideas or whatever you wanna do I just need more ideas, I mostly made this patch by following a youtube tutorial called “Make Noise Rene Emulation in VCV Rack (Tutorial)”

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don’t know if this is what you were looking for, but i added something that modulates the Rise of the Rampage.

i took the last Output of the Clock Divider and set that to a duplicate and used it as Clock. The resulting gate goes through a GateMod from Count Modula and then to an ADSR which modulates the Rise of the left Rampage Section.

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I worked on your patch adding drums and another voice. In addition replaced the clock with Impromptu clock, more details can be read at the patchstorage site:

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Hi Logos , I’ve edited your patch and replaced the Hora drums with the free autodafe and Vult Trummor2 modules, because the Hora modules are not free and so the patch is not usable for everyone. I also edited your sonds a bit and added a hi-hat sound.

the patch is here:

idea_logos_rsmus7_003.vcv (128.2 KB)

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Great, thank you! I always forget, which of the hora drums are free and which are not. Now I know, the grey ones aren’t :smiley: - sorry, I missed that.