Natron - Open Source Digital VFX Compositor

If you are looking for a free open source digital compositor, then goto We had just released a new update.


Looking good, thanks for this!

Natron is cool but is super dead from long, long time, the last news was they are looking for a maintainer.

however, could be interested for you Gaffer it have a more stable development, compatible with a lot of close and open source render engines (including blender cycles) coming from the Neill Blomkamp’s team, in my humble opininion this is the right beat for a open source compositor

I’m pretty sure that Natron is maintained but the site isn’t updated much? Most discussion happens here:

on the website forum. Thanks for the link to Gaffer.

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We had just released 2.3.15 this week. We are only a few developers.

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You can join my Facebook group that I admin. at

ahh nice to see is not dead!