My VCV Rack Production Template - Part 1 (Overview)


That’s a lot of paramter mapping, wow! I didn’t know about that “MyLittleFavories” modules, it looks very useful. Thanks for sharing your setup Artem :slight_smile:

By the way, there is a problem with the Meld module, so best to not use it until it is fixed. Infix can be used instead until then.

Very interesting, thank you for sharing Artem!

Thanks for sharing your impressive setup Artem. I’ll try out a couple of ideas and modules from that.

Really enjoyed this, will be implementing many things.

The touchosc stuff is crazy, I wish I had the skill to make the launchpad work in a similar way but I’m not sure where to start. Just using mapping with feedback can get pretty complicated.

Just to update my previous comment above, the MindMeld plugin has been updated and the bug in the Meld module has been fixed.