My vcv album on vinyl

With an enormous amount of pride I would like to tell you about my vinyl album which is finally out, and which I hope I can share with all of you. It’s made mainly with Rack, although I played trombone and guitar, too. It’s been mixed, mastered and cut to vinyl entirely in the analog domain, although for Spotify it needed a digital mastering, too, of course.

You can hear it on Spotify here

I have also set up a crowdfunding to help me finance the project, you can find that here

It’s in Dutch, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s possible to buy the vinyl or cassette on the crowdfunding page, it’s the entry where you donate 20 euros. Which means I will pay for the shipping costs, because the regular price is 20 euros (which is not bad for a vinyl) If, for some reason, you would like a copy, but you would rather not buy it through the crowdfunding, just drop me a message.

One extra thing worth mentioning is that everybody who buys the album will get a free copy of the Martinic Colorsound Tremolo VST plugin (just take a look here)

Martin is a friend of mine, and he wanted to contribute something to celebrate the release of the album.

I hope everyone will enjoy the album, and I hope you will appreciate the fun I had when I could finally make the music in my head, thanks to Rack and its great community (and developers)


Listening now on Amazon music. Nice!

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Fascinated by the compositional style, very noir detective music. I like the trombone. I can hear the rack parts but they are not foreground here. The acoustic instruments make it.

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Woahh, it sounds great, congratulations!! I think people will really love this.

I’m looking forward to spending some time with it. Very mature and thoughtful sounding album.


Congratulations Joop! It’s quite the album, fantastic quality and musicianship put into it. I encourage everyone to take a listen.

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just listening to it on Apple Music, sounds spectacular in lossless. Great stuff @joopvanderlinden !!

I don’t own any tape deck or record player anymore, left those behind a few years back (due to one more cross continents move that made holding on to that stuff untenable…). Not regretting it though, I let that go a long time ago…

Btw, what does Jikkiebakkie refer to? My Dutch is reasonably fluent, but that I cannot reliably find any decoding for :wink: I could speculate, but rather not

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Lovely work, Joop ! Nicely modern musical language, very listenable. Neat trombone work too ! I give it five out five stars. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Jikkiebakkie is the name my wife gave to my Rickenbacker guitar, which she gave me for my birthday. She kept forgetting what the real name was.


aha, a Rickenbacker that was on the tracks, was wondering, tone is lovely. And very cute twist of Rickenbacker that was :smiley:

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to be honest, one of those tracks was played on a Strat :slight_smile:

no worries, the Rick did sound the part, the Strat was too not obvious to notice I guess