My VCA-2 Module is missing?

New to VCV – I have downloaded a few modules outside of the basic VCV-made modules but I am focusing on understanding the basic VCV modules first. I cannot find the VCA-2 module made by VCV. I have tried checking the VCV library, it says it is included, and I have updated VCV Rack to ensure all is up to date.

Tips to figure out how to get VCA-2 into Rack?

The VCA-2 was removed in Rack 2 as it was deemed superfluous. When you see the VCA-2 around, you are looking at Rack 1.1.6

Or V2 running a patch from V1. The discontinued modules are still in the Fundamental plugin, but normally hidden. They only are exposed when you load a patch that was created by V1.

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It was replaced by the “WT VCO” module in Rack v2, which does the same and more. If you’ve been confused by reading the manual it’s because it hasn’t been updated yet. However the old VCO-2 is still there, just hidden, so if you load an old patch using it, it will still be shown and work.

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Just did a test before commenting.

The VCO-2 (V1), will automatically be replaced by WT VCO, (and other Fundamentals such as the ADSR (V1), the VCF (V1), etc…, will also be replaced).

The one for certain that will be called and loaded in V2, but is not present in the library anymore, is the UNITY.

UNITY has been replaced by MIX, but if it is present in a V1 patch, it will be called if that patch is open with V2.

So far I am not aware of other older modules that will load in V2. But I haven’t tested or payed attention so it’s possible.

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I can’t live without UNITY. If you edit the fundamental plugin.json, search for UNITY and change

“hidden”: true


“hidden”: false

UNITY will appear in the module browser. Same goes for VCA2 if anyone misses that.


Nice one - thanks :smiley:

The original poster is talking about VCA 2, I guess you’ve already forgotten that was a thing in Rack 1 :wink: :

I’m curious,

If VCO-2 isn’t hidden anymore, will it load once you open an old file? instead of being replace by WT VCO?


I read VCO :man_facepalming: : and not VCA.

I think my coffee isn’t strong enough this morning

No, it appears to have been removed / replaced with the WT VCO.

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Is this thread about a VCA or a VCO? Am confused.

I dunno, I only use them as AND gates :wink:

It’s a way of life…

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Well this topic spun out of control quickly :upside_down_face:

The original post was indeed about VCA-2, and that was misread by some as VCO-2, leading to correct but out of context information being posted.

VCA-2 and UNITY have been retired. But if you have a V1 patch and open up in V2, then both will appear just fine. You just cannot create a new V2 patch and add those modules via the module browser (unless you modify plugin.json as was noted by contemporaryinsanity).

UNITY was replaced by MIX. 2 MIX modules is roughly equivalent in functionality and size to one UNITY, with the following key differences: MIX has a level knob not present in the UNITY. MIX can provide the normal mix, or the inverted mix. MIX is restricted to 6 inputs. UNITY has no level control, but has the ability of combining its two 6 input mixers into a single 12 input mixer, and can simultaneously provide both normal and inverted mixes. UNITY also has LED meters that are missing in MIX.

VCA-2 does not have a replacement, but the functionality is mostly replaced by two instances of VCA. Differences are: no longer a VCA without a metered display, two VCA modules is one hp bigger than the old VCA-2. I don’t know if there is a use case for having simultaneous linear and exponential CV inputs in the old VCA-2. The VCA only allows one or the other via the context menu.

The situation with LFO-1 and VCO-2 is different. They have been replaced by WT-LFO and WT-VCO, and if you open a V1 patch with V2, then you will get the new modules instead of the old. I haven’t really looked at whether any functionality is lost by the switch. Certainly the new oscillator modules bring significant new functionality that was never available in V1.


This makes sense! My next question then – can I patch ASDR through WT VCO like the old VCA-2? I may be able to answer my own question just by playing around in a second, but what would you recommend for basic A/S/D/R control? Edit: maybe it goes without being said, but beginner friendly options please – I’m sure there are probably many ways to do this. Double edit: Now i’m realizing you probably thought I meant VCO-2 and not VCA-2. Now I’m a bit confused.

Thanks for this! So now that I know that VCA-2 was removed and the functionality is mostly held together by the other VCA’s in the foundational pack (VCA and VCA Mix), what is the proper way to link in ASDR control into a VCO module? That is my original hope for using VCA-2 – most tutorials I’ve seen so far still use the discontinued VCA-2 module when introducing ASDR to control a waveform originating from a VCO.

Appreciate the help!

Oops, haha :slight_smile: My mind read VCO-2 which was also replaced, sorry for the noise.