My problem loosing Amplitude in my signal flow

Hi everyone !

For the last weeks I tried to build my perfect 8 VCOs FM synth with a big matrix at it’s center. And in the process I noticed several annoying things.

I tried Mutables’ Frames to sweep between Bogaudio’s XCO waveforms, coupled with dBiz’s VCA4 as my matrix (to send the outputs of Frames and FM other VCOs). And I realized that each of theses 2 modules made the XCO’s waveforms loosing in amplitude.

So my question is : Is this normal that a VCO is becoming “quieter” the more it goes through modules, and is it the case IRL with Analog stuff (I never own real modules yet) ?

Hey Arthur, I’ve been doing something similar recently, recreating the EMS Synthi VCS3 which also calls for matrices, I can’t immediately answer the questions you asked but it doesn’t sound like normal behaviour to me.

The only thing I do know is that with guitar pedals there might be signal loss when connecting more unbuffered pedals, the longer the path a signal has to take through cables, the weaker it gets.

Would it be possible to upload the patch so I can take a look what might be happening?

I made 2 simple patches that explain it all.

The X (Blue) on the scope is the direct output of the VCO, the Y (Pink) is it going trough a mixer (Frames an VC4 in this cas).

And I have to say that it doesn’t behave that way with all the mixers. VCV’s Mixer of Bogaudio’s Matrix for example don’t have this issue.

I’ve tried the same setup and come to the same conclusion, this is not how I would expect such a module to react, it seems to be attenuating the signal to stay within safe levels. I would say stick with the Bogaudio ones if you really want to have the possibility of controlling the amount of signal going through a connection, there just came an update with all the new matrix mixers and switchers with color indication, that should open up a world of possibilities! The Bidoo ACne might be a good option too since it also has the color indication and it has scenes!

If you would also be okay with just switching connections on and off, I can really recommend the Strum Mental Patch Matrix (10x10), the new Stoermelder Intermix which also has scenes, as well as the Computerscare Father & Son which has polyphonic possibilities and scenes!

The thing is, I know I can add gain to the signal, use Midi Map and CV Map to modulate a Mixer that doesn’t attenuate the signal. They are solutions for that situation.

But come on I would love to just use Frames to morph between 4 LFOs and be sure that it will send the maximum values tu modulate my parameter from 0 to 100, without having to use an other module to add gain at the output =/