My patchy dirges

Another little live stream starting now! As always, minimal preparation, we’ll see how it turns out

Edit: The stream is over! Here’s the replay on Youtube:

It went to pretty harsh, glitchy dissonant territory this time. A few computer performance issues on this one, so I stopped the stream after an hour. Sorry for the few video freezes.

Here’s also a short excerpt on Soundcloud if you prefer:

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One thing I couldn’t show in the video above but might be of interest is how I integrated Reason 11 to the performance. See also my dedicated thread about this:

First, the Kong drum machine. I’m using Nektarine since it’s the most reliable of them all for instruments. Very straightforward setup, I send it notes it outputs to two stereo pairs. (Kick/Snare, and Hi-hat/Percs)

The other one is more complex. I use Elements, since I need to process audio from VCV (Nektarine can’t do that) and in that Elements I have two Reason instances (the Reason VST has only two pairs of Audio inputs, so I need two instances).

The first instance processes the blue and orange buses from the GTG mixers. The blue bus is always set to pre-fader and the orange one to post-fader.

The blue bus mangles incoming audio, picking a different effect each 1/4th note.

The orange bus is the standard chorus > delay > reverb.

The second instance contains the “master” section, and by master I mean I just squash this mess with a brutal limiter. It also contains a Neptune, to auto-tune incoming microphone audio, with the industry standard Cher Effect to sound like a vocoder. It’s then recorded and live lopped in VCV’s Luppolo3 for texture.


Look at this! Just found out your stuff while looking for fixed rack examples and philosophies. Very interesting. So are you still using a fixed rack? Maybe you expanded the one you started with? Cheers

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Sure do, same evolving setup for half a year that I use every so often. It went through many changes since the start. I swap things in and out all the time, so it barely resembles how it started out. It’s the one I use in my occasional streams (see a few posts above).

Mainstays are everything Vult, GTG mixers, BPM LFO, all those 3hp Bogaudio utilities, Erica Black Wavetable VCO, Plaits, Impromptu Clocked, and of course, the Turing Machine.

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Experimenting with the new Prok drums:

Not that happy with this quick patch as a song, but I’m trying out a few interesting techniques:

  • selectively writing zeroes on the turing machine while it’s locked to dial down the rhythmic density of some elements
  • having Dopamine improvise on a keyboard riff

And more importantly, trying out the newly released Prok drums. Those bad boys are really CPU hungry! Hard to budget for them in my fixed rack. But they do sound great. The author is aware of the issue and mentioned they will try to improve CPU usage in the future, too.

Not pictured in the video: a few Reason effects on the mixer buses (chorus, delay, reverb, compression) and MIDI I/O.


Honked Up Demon Ritual Stuff

Tonight’s jam turned out pretty fun, I’m glad I recorded it, despite having not prepared at all before performing.

A handful of slightly jarring noises at times unfortunately, but I like how it turned out.

Even discovered a fun trick for my module in development, Modulus Salomonis Regis, while playing (you can send queue step pulse 2x as fast toggle the queue keep/reset mode to enable/disable double time runs)


Aria - This is refreshing stuff. I listen to a tune, recognise I love its style, next. I’ve listened to your “Banquet” thrice. A shit ton of great sounds and surprises in Banquet, and loads of go fuck yourself moments till it suddenly all makes sense, then on to the next chapter.


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I can make normal songs, probably. I just can’t be bothered

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Yeah, I hear that, I haven’t finished a song since 1993.

I can play Reason not too badly, though.

Anyway, I got a kick out of your tunes.

All the best.

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Just received a Novation Launch Control XL in the mail! What better way to use all those knobs than some filter house? I only bound a few controls to avoid being overwhelmed.

Solomon’s House

This shows off live patching my new module, Modulus Salomonis Regis, around the middle.

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Since I got my launchpad & I finished my new module I’ve recorded like, 6 jams in the span of 48 hours, totally lost track what I posted where.

I’m trying to make myself one rack that feels like a true instrument I can play entirely from the controller


I’m starting to have a good feel for the launch control! Here’s a fun jam I did after finishing up this template/fixed rack for it.

Toccata and Fugue in C minor for the Orchestra Hit instrument

For reference, the Launchpad looks like this:

What I’m doing is pretty unorthodox, intentionally, so I end up with an instrument that’s truly mine:

  • Every Host instance you see is a Reason Rack. Not pictured - opening them hangs the UI thread for like 15 seconds.
  • Fader 8 scrolls the rack, and the knob above it changes the opacity
  • Fader 1-6 are mixer channels, but they do not control the GTG mixer - they control the Vult Send! This way, if I have no send, it’s a normal fader, but if I add a send, it’s a crossfader.
  • Fader 7 is for the kick - it has no send and is wired specially for side-chain compression
  • The 7 knobs above the 7 first channels control the Vult Disjoint. Filtering is the only way to (almost) mute channels with a send. The disjoint is the input point of every channel.
  • The two sends on the GTG mixer go to my favorite delay and chorus in Reason and are set up manually.
  • The first button below each mixer track sends audio to Chronoblob, pre-crossfader. The “Send Select” buttons and the two knobs next to it control it. It’s used purely as an effect for mangling, not as a smooth delay.
  • The first button below each mixer track sends audio to a Reason Rack, where a Combinator is programmed to enable up to 4 different effect. The 4 buttons to the bottom-right of the Launch Control toggle those effects (I have patched them to be latches rather than momentary)
  • Four remaining buttons are assigned to the Big Button sequencer
  • The rest of the knobs control: 2x2 Vult Knobs to be assigned as needed, 4 additional filters, the Turing Machine, the Big Button sequencer channel, Grids densities and X axis

Two more quick performances with my “fixed” (by which I mean ever-changing) rack using the launch control:


A lot of the Reason magic that makes this rack tick is offscreen. The vocal synth is a barely edited Parsec (reason additive synth) preset, because I had no clue how to make it sing something different, editing the parameters would just destroy the effect lol.

Heckdoomed Bells of Heck

Trying my hand at a mostly percussive piece.

I need to record videos that show me operating the controller, I guess!

I made this little picture for myself to display on a secondary screen to remind me of my bindings :

I’m always curating and learning my instrument so I know it will change soon enough, haha.


Love the drums on this one! And orchestra hits never get old imo.

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This one isn’t interesting as a song, but it showcases a way of using QQQQ to make chords that are part of a scale. Can you figure out how it works? Voices are color-coded for your convenience.


Boutta Deploy the Sleep Schedule Gambit

Trying to figure out why people even like Clouds in this one. Never got anything special out of it, but I figured Supercell being out for 1.x was an occasion to actually sit down and try to get decent sounds out of it.


Forgive me, but what the heck makes the cables bounce to this mad little groove?

UnDuLaR, my Rack scroller!


Neat, thanks Aria. I’m not on top of things it seems. Gotta check it out asap.

Someone posted an idle thought today, “AI drum circle with multiple, differently trained models playing off each other”, so I immediately set out to reply.

And another patch relying strongly on Dopamine reposted from the Meander thread:

The mallets melody is improvised on a keyboard once, then Dopamine takes over. Definitely a module that should see more use (I guess its being part of a paid plugin being branded as experimental means few have it). A lot of the logic lives within the Reason instances (not pictured) on this one.