My Own Personal Modules

You may have seen videos of SV Modular modules that included some funky looking black modules - well, those are Personal Modules, a collection of efficient polyphonic modules that get a lot of use.

Now they are available to you! Free.

  • 16 voice polyphony
  • 8 oscillator choices
  • full CV control (run 16 oscillators with whichever voice shape you want for each)

  • 16 voice polyphony
  • 8 eq types
  • v/oct tuning optional

Automatic biasing

and more!

More information at



Pretty cool! Is it intentional that the VCO aliases so much?

Can you stop that? Make your own thread about aliasing, with tables of dB per module or something.


yes. It is an extremely cpu efficient vco that makes what are often (and in some cases usually) acceptable tradeoffs.

is it possible that there is something wrong with your setup? maybe you’re having some other issues?




Inverse Triangle:




you’re welcome to your money back for these … free modules … not sure why you feel that you must post in every thread though.

what the Bias module Do? , could you explain with a brief use case?

sorry if it obvious

From the manual:

Personal Modules Bias is a simple, 16-voice polyphonic automatic Biasing utility module. It accepts an input and attempts to automatically adjust for any DC biasing.


The input supports up to 16 polyphonic channels.


The output jack provides output generated from the Bias module. This polyphonic output is based on the number of inputs connected to Signal, meaning that if a polyphonic cable with 16 channels is connected to In, then the output will present 16 channels.

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From Wikipedia:

In audio recording, a DC offset is an undesirable characteristic of a recording sound. It occurs in the capturing of sound, before it reaches the recorder, and is normally caused by defective or low-quality equipment. The offset causes the center of the recording waveform not to be at 0, but at a higher or lower value, for example, +0.1 or -0.1. This can cause two main problems. Either the loudest parts of the signal will be clipped prematurely, since the base of the waveform has been moved up, or inaudible low-frequency distortion will occur. Low-frequency distortion may not be audible in the initial recording, but if the waveform is resampled to a compressed or lossy digital format, such as an MP3, those corruptions may become audible

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I swear, when I read the manual It didn’t have this part (:smile:

ahh the bias is a automatic DC ofset?
thanks so much

I just checked out CHRONO … my 2 cents: for the 2nd clock it would be nice to have start/stop/continue/reset buttons and CV-in/outs to resembl a stop-watch :pray:

and another 2 cents from me - to replicate “pomodoro timer” technique with this awesome timer we’d need for CV trigger output and timer settings (30-40 minutes) in right click menu. BUT - my own personal modules name doesn’t stand for that kind of request. So it’s just ideas) and maybe too much for that nice designed and tiny module EDIT: but I found the thing that maybe could be probably done easily and then look nicely - is there a way to sync seconds tick between clock and timer? this visual delay can be really annoying for eyes for long sessions. Not claim just notice)

it did, though to be completely honest, I had packaged it all up a few days ago to send to Andrew for release without writing manuals and then stopped myself and went back to write some. they haven’t changed any since, but if there’s more clarification that’s needed I’m happy to add some.

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maybe as an alternate panel/view some time, but these are my Personal Modules that I use, and this is the format I prefer :slight_smile:

I’ll add it as a request for the next update, though!

the sync might be possible - as noted to @Ahornberg, I’ll add it to the list for next time there’s an update.

just not exactly sure when it will be!

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I will note that the module does a “best effort” to fix the dc bias - there are some waveforms that it does not do well with, but in my use has done fairly well after the overall mix has been done.

it’s not perfect, but it worked better than not having it (and better than trying to manually post process or do it in audacity).