My new EP: Dreaming Fungi

Oh yes, a new EP, all about mushrooms!

This one is inspired by the sequencer of the KeyStep, and I kept everything quite minimal. I’ve used 3 voices all in all; The Cosmic Oscillator from Animated Circuits, Interzone from Valley, and the Neutron from Behringer. To this, I’ve added some reverb and delay, but that is it in general. Anyway, I hope you can give it a listen, and if you enjoy the music and would like to support my work and the work of the third-party developers, consider getting yourself a copy!. Thanks for your time and cheers!

Here is the donation status -


Listening to the album now. Sounds great from the very beginning, like always! I like the idea of using just a few key modules. I’ve tried to restrict myself to just using a few key things and focus on producing nice sounds within those limitations. However, I usually cannot help myself and end up with bucket-loads of modules held together by a chaotic spaghetti. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve built up a nice collection of Omri Cohen albums by now. It has become my favourite thing to listen to while working. Keep 'm coming!

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Hey, Wouter, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy it :slight_smile: And thanks for your support also!
I really went minimal this time, and I really liked it I have to say. The patch was the same on all 4 tracks, it was like having my own rig in a way, and it helped me to stay focused.

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Great album Omri! It was almost a given that I would like it, since I love your music and minimalism in general. I can hear that you’re having fun with the keystep and the Neutron :slight_smile: Great to see you enamoured with the Interzone as well, it’s a lovely module.

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Thank you so much, Lars! I’m really glad you enjoy my music :slight_smile:
I do really enjoy the Keystep, it’s much more than just a Midi keyboard, and I enjoy also this organic feel that the Neutron is giving the sound. And yes, Interzone is great and so divers!