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This topic holds links to my VCV Rack music

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Bunjil’s Journey - Soaring
This patch grew out of my recent Twitch streams. Marbles (random sampler) is at the heart, with Plaits and Blamsoft’s VK-1 Viking as the main voices

(Paul Piko) #3

A simple but effective patch, with Marbles driving EV3 and lots of reverb courtesy of Plateau.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

Indeed wonderfully simple and effective Paul, using just three great modules. I love it! I can listen to this in a loop for hours.

(Paul Piko) #5

Thanks Lars. It’s a great trio of modules.

For comparison, I switched out Plateau for Valhalla Shimmer. Both have aspects I like.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #6

That one sounds great as well. They’re diffferent… The Valhalla version sounds cleaner; less “muddy”. But their tone is different; I might actually prefer the tone of Plateau, after a casual listen. But they’re both great. The Valhalla is quite expensive, no?

(Paul Piko) #7

Yes, I think both could have their place as part of a larger piece. Especially with some knob twiddling.

Shimmer Is $50. So Plateau wins on price :wink:

(Nik Jewell) #8

@LarsBjerregaard They’re very different beasts.

Plateau is a plate reverb on steroids; Shimmer is a feedback delay network & pitch shifter (as I understand it anyway).

But, I’m sure you know that :slight_smile:

(Paul Piko) #9

There’s a bit of an explanation of Shimmer here:

“Eno/Lanois Shimmer Sound: How it is made”

(Paul Piko) #10

Streaming an ambient track now on Twitch

(Paul Piko) #11

Here’s a clip from the stream

(Paul Piko) #12

Streaming a patch while I’m working…

Using the Viking VK-1 and RedTron mellotron

(Paul Piko) #13

Thanks to all who dropped by during the Twitch stream today, and chatted.

Here’s the track that I made from it.

(Paul Piko) #14

Streaming some ambient now on Twitch

(Paul Piko) #15

This is the track that came out of today’s ambient stream on Twitch.

(Denis Tercier) #16

Nice piece Paul. Just… Maybe the reverb takes to much place to my taste… I find it too “earable” by itself. Anyway … Again it’s a nice piece of music.
Thanks for sharing.

(Paul Piko) #17

Thanks for the feedback Denis

(Lars Bjerregaard) #18

Really like this one!

(Paul Piko) #19

Thanks for all the comments you make Lars

(Paul Piko) #20

A fun piece