my little HowTo run more then one PC in sync

Hy there my Challange was to connect my BIG PC with a MiniPC and my laptop Perhaps more PC’s in the future.

So my first idea was to send the audio data over a Ethernet 1GB router, but that didn’t work well. Crackels and stuttering. NO good idea or less quality but that is no option.

So i took a Analog Mixer (Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602) and all analog audio from each PC is plugged into the Mixer. The Mixer is plugged into the second Soundcard of my BIG PC

That is working well because the latency is nearly the same.

So next step is how to make VCV Rack on my BIG PC to a midi master to control the others. qtmidinet was one of the functioning ideas rtpmidid the other way both work well.

a external USB Midi Box didn’t work well.

How do you connect multiple PC 's

most people don’t do that? Probably when they do they use OSC somehow?

If I were to do that… I might think about MADI.

USB and the like will add latency (that’s been an issue for gamers as well: USB keyboards, mice and joysticks do not respond as they did, say on 80’s hardware that connected the pins directly), software solutions could be developed that calculate it for the whole system and compensate accordingly, of course if the intention is playing it live… that could pose a nasty problem.

Audio over ethernet (cables, not routers)… there are several protocols, DantE among them; but you need specialized stuff.

all true, but why do it?

Honestly, I wouldn’t.

If I needed more computer power… I’d get a new Threadripper.

Funnily enough if I wanted a “master MIDI controller” computer… I’d probably scour for an Atari ST :stuck_out_tongue:

If the problem was connectivity (say recording some software into another)… VB-Audio offers virtual cables, for ASIO enabled stuff Reaper has ASIO drivers that route a program’s output into it… other platforms probably have equal solutions somewhere.

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