my last (but not least) AND biggest module ever

ok, spoiler alert :speak_no_evil: : it’s just a brag. nothing more

I started studying piano when I was 5 and stopped about 15, then my family and me decided to sell that piano…and I have never owned one anymore…until last week :innocent:

now, after 18 years of hard work I have finally been able to affort a baby grand :partying_face: it will be part of my modular setup, I don’t know when it will be “ready”, hope for early/mid autumn, I have not moved yet into that new apartment…

this is my biggest module ever, it sounds very soft, gentle, smooth…and its polyphony is quite good :heart:

hope to come back to this community asap, I really miss it


A :broccoli:


That’s a nice sounding module indeed :slight_smile:

Beautiful playing, wow! Curious to know what the model is, but if you prefer to keep this private, no problem :slight_smile:

clickbait :laughing: sounds awesome! can i get cv control of the lid?

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More reverb and modulation of the filter cutoff frequency. :sunglasses: :clap:

wow thank you all guys for the appreciation! :heart:

@LarsBjerregaard thank You Lars, the recording is not good at all, just put 2 omni overhead mics (from a cheap drum mic set) and a sennheiser mke400 into a tascam recorder, but they were not placed as good as a recording deserves :upside_down_face: signal was very low, there was too much background noise, I had to put up the gain, then reduce the noise, and put on some reverb to hide the glitches/artifacts from the noise reduction…when I started looking for a real piano the two essential things were 1. soft, delicate sound, expecially on the high keys 2. quite hard keys/action. I just cannot stand soft ones. the most important thing was the sound, because it inspires me…

@marc_boule it’s a “Carl Goetze”, made in Germany, about 1950-1960’s, I am trying to get more information using the s/n. it’s not a secret, I paid it 2k€ including the bench, 1st floor shipment, action weigh in, tuning… and 3 years warranty. there’s no secret as well that the original price was higher…I made a good old real cash down payment, and the seller was happy with that…everybody at shops was asking me my budget…my reply was always "it depends on how much I like the piano :sweat_smile: "…I would not have spent more money, btw. I’m paying the rent, I’m 37, I’m a freelance, I don’t know when/where I’m moving next…but in the dozens pianos I tried before buying one I found out that an used upright Petrov will be fantastic for me. I simply love that sound, and it also fits the budget. I found out also that I really love Kawai’s actions, they are quite hard and VERY precise, unfortunately the ones I tried didn’t have the sound I was looking for.

@jeremy sure, via bluetooth, once I have electricity available :hear_no_evil:

@rickglasser hope I will get to it by early/mid autumn :sunglasses: I already have something into my mind…

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I hope you enjoy it. You play beautifully. My mother and grandmother would have loved it. Me, I was a disappointment. I stopped taking lessons after 2 years. Now, as I recently told my mother, I regret it.

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Nice! Meanwhile this is all I could afford haha

Well at least the keys are level.


at least once in 100 years the actions deserve to be fixed :innocent:

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the only online tool I have found (a link from a dutch internet page) says that my piano is from 1906…but I place trust in the seller…they are on the market from 1919…if I find mode information I will let you know :beers:

Oh gawd! I have a beaten beyond economic repair Baldwin which is likely forty-five-ish years old now.

While I’d love a used Bosendorfer, I’ll likely make do with a Kawai controller and Modartt’s software as I really don’t have the sort of climate control for a great piano.

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I was able to pick up an almost new Samick baby grand a couple years ago as an anniversary present for my wife. Bribery, really, to convince her to stay with me since I’m an asshole.

She’s an amazing pianist, and I like to clunk around on it when she’s not home, but strings and a fingerboard are more my style. The biggest unexpected benefit is that I get to listen to her practice all week before her turn as the church pianist that month.

Congratulations on yours! I look forward to hearing more recordings of it!


btw last month I produced (lol) my very first real eurorack module ever

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Very nice. Was thinking about building something like this, too. Is this a purchasable diy?

no, I made the drawing, and get it cut by a laser machine.

then I bought the combo xlr/trs + 3.5mm sockets and the screws, then soldered (not me, I am not able to do such a fine job). it accepts balanced or unbalanced signals and works fine with modular gear. it should work with a stereo signal as well, but I did not tried yet.

I have made 3 drawings, with 2,3 or 4 sockets. they should be respectively 6,8 or 10hp (I can check later)

obviously it is very simple to get the components and it’s passive.

I would like to make one with pre-amps, but i’m not an electronic guy, so for now the easiest way is pairing this with Ears (by mutable instruments/mutable music thing) for a dynamic mic, or just use an audio interface/mixer with decent pre-amps, I bought few months ago an ssl2 and I’m very satisfied, that’s just what I needed