My first multi-voice patch

It ain’t much but it’s honest work I guess. Some weird choices were made for modulation but I don’t think it sounds too muddy.

I’ll try to improve in the next one I’ll want to record, in the meantime feel free to comment, cheers,


Not bad! A couple of tips for you, it might be useful (or not):

  1. It looks a bit chaotic. vcv is a virtual modular, so you don’t have to pack everything so tightly and you can use as many lines as you want. So you can break it in lines/columns for better readability: a line for voice 1, a line for voice 2, a line for percussion, etc. Because after some time if you come back to this patch, it would be a complete maze to you (of course it is different when working with real modulars, but in this case you can’t really go back to the patch, you should redo it from the scratch, so it wouldn’t be a maze).
  2. When you are showing your patch to another people, it’s better to make the cords visible. And to make it look better it’s nice to loosen them.

As for the music, it’s really a matter of taste. To me it seems a bit robotic, so maybe a burst\ratchet and different clocks for the envelopes could make it less “metronomic”… But it’s up to you! Well, everything is up to you! It’s not “rules”, there’s no rules.

thank you! I’ll be sure to apply this advice in my next video showcases. I certainly can make things more readable and let the cords be more visible.

Being musical or harmonic-sounding always is my weak spot since I have had no music tuition in my younger years. I guess I should do some attempts in the worlds of atonal, noise, musique concrète, so I can explore things that do not require harmonizing. In general I still have a lot of work until my music thingies are pleasant to hear.

Thanks so much for this feedback.

Yeah, same here, I am not a trained musician, so I had to read a lot of musical theory stuff to understand how it works. And even after all that I think my musical knowledge is about as deep as a puddle. Atonal stuff is really cool, but counterintuitively it is even harder to do… Well, to me. Maybe to you it would be easy!

Anyway, if you want to deepen your understanding of music, try starting with understanding the chords and scales. Maybe if you have a piano\synth IRL or guitar. It is easier with piano though… That’s really easy and after maybe two days you would be as smart as me (not an achievement in any way, haha)

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I’ve read a lot about scales and chords, I now consider my main blindspots being good understanding of rhythm, and actually playing on piano.

After some digging, it is pretty easy to become able to decipher a score sheet… But the difficulty curve until being able to read the score + id the notes fast + play them in rhythm on the designated instrument… Yeah, this one I’m far from.

Oh! That’s cool! Well, you have to practice then! It’s all about practice. Well, I am saying this, though I am not able to read the score fast either, haha. If I know the song, it’s easy, but if it’s something that i’ve never heard, it’s just torture. I bet you feel the same, haha.

But I think playing and reading the score are different skills, so if you could just improvise a little bit, that’s enough to train your ears and understanding the music. Good luck with all that!

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thanks a lot, best of luck to you, too