My first Modular Patch on Rack 2 Community Edition only using Core and Foundation Modules

Get it here: Spacey Strings | Patchstorage

The SEQ-3 is quantized to a major scale and can be transposed with the OCT module and the MIDI-CV using the keyboard:

You can use the SCOPE right to VCO-2 to see how the FM of the VCOs looks:

You can use the SCOPE right to the ADSR to see how you modify the envelope.

The SCOPE right to the VCA is just a visualization for fun:

You can use the SCOPE left to the LFO-2 to see the final waveform matching the clock gates if the LFO-2 and the DELAY is in sync (e.g. LFO 4Hz, DELAY 0.25s):


Nice work and good to see you got the LFO clock working as desired.

I know you are just focussing on the fundamental modules for now but a good 3rd party module to get familiar with early on is Bogaudio Stack. It’s essentially an adder like VCV Oct but it allow you to transpose by semitones as well as Octaves.

In general Bogaudio modules are excellent and a very good next step once you have your head around the fundamentals. They have a clear and simple UI too.

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Need to check them out. Thanks for the recommendation.