My first EP, recorded entirely in VCV with LaMeJuIS

Here it is: The Nonagon Volume 1: The Summoning

I made up some silly lore about a wizard summoning 9 spirits (representing the voices of my patch) to make fuego minimalism.

The genre is minimalism: I heard it described as “18 musicians playing Mario Kart”.

Its all improvised on vcv using 2 novation launchpads on the same patch direct into the recorder module over the last 5 months. The patch is simple: some phasors into LameJuis generating 9x plaits melodies into plateau, plus some LFOs and a shitton of midi modules so I could get all the visual feedback and control I needed on the launchpads (screen turned off during recording, so I’m just “playing” the launchpads).

I learned a lot making this thing, if you give it a listen tell me what you think.


A very apt description!

I don’t hear rhythmic phasing that I associate with Steve Reich, yet somehow your pieces present a similar vibe to me.

I like it a lot.

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Maybe show us your patch please :sunglasses:


Heres the patch, but you probably wont get sound out of it without quite a lot of work (my launchpads control everything)