My favorite delay patch

VCV Phaser and Squinky Labs Comp in feedback loop of a AS Delay Plus.

You can tweak the volume of the Squinky Labs Out knob to get it to do FREAKY things in the feedback loop, because the compressor interacts with the level of feedback so it doesn’t overload.


Love phasers. Long ago I made some bad emulations of the biphase and the univibe.

Yeah the VCV phaser is pretty good I think. I love a delay feedback loop! There’s a reasonable univibe plugin which I might buy soon called Tube Modulator, I’m quite interested exactly how bad yours was @Squinky ! Your frequency shifter is good in a delay feedback loop too.

That AS delay is also one of my favourites. If you modulate the delay time the right way it does pitch shifting in octaves, which is unique AFAIK.

It doesn’t do well with smooth modulation, like it’s not interpolate with that in mind. I use a router hooked up to constant delay times, and it handles instant jumps very musically. Doubling the delay halves the pitch so you get an octave jump.

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Thanks, I’ll have to try that. If you modulate it too slowly you get a grotty lo-fi effect which sounds like lowering the sample rate. I also need to try modulating it at audio rate and see what that does. I’m planning a tutorial video on this with the VCV stock delay, that module looks really basic but makes some mad sounds when you vary the delay time. It’s quite interesting how different delays react differently to the same mod source.

A good delay should be able to be modulated. Maybe it has no between sample interpolation? There was a big discussion of that like a year ago.

AS’ Signal Delay does similar wonders :slight_smile:

I think the AS delay is modelled on an old hardware chip, so the grunginess is possibly intentional. Turns out it doesn’t work that well modulated at audio rate, the sound just drops out above a certain frequency. The strange thing about the VCV one is it’s really clean, but makes great lo-fi sounds with the right modulation.

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Do you have a source for the claim that the as delay is modeled from hardware?

That’s a good question. I thought it said that on the manual page but, I just checked it doesn’t. Maybe I was thinking of another module.