My Eurorack journey has begun

Actually that one might also be my audio interface flaking out, so not sure that’s a Bloom bug yet…

Oh gotcha, that’s awesome Bloom does that! And, I didn’t realize O&C quantizes to user defined scales, extremely useful!

This would amazing if you made a video about ochd. I feel like it would be pretty easy with the ES-9 and AH PolyScope in VCV. You almost don’t even need to see ochd itself, as long as you can see, and maybe even hear with some sounds, what is happening between the different lfos and turn/modulate the frequency knob and observe.

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RJModules has a module inspired by Ochd, but I don’t know Ochd well enough to know how close it is to the original:

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It sounds like it’s an exact clone of Ochd from it’s description. I haven’t tested it.

I’m starting to get to grips with my Qu-Bit Bloom sequencer and its generative aspect. It’s got some quirks and maybe a bug or two, but it seems like I can actually get it to do the things I hoped it could, so I’m happy. A tip from the manual: A quick turn of the Mutation knob is enough to regenerate the branches if you don’t like them, but won’t mutate the trunk sequence.

It’s somewhere in the club of the Turing Machine and Marbles for generating notes and melody, with the difference being able to control the starting sequence, and it’s actually quite a powerful little beast with all those features.

Here are some fragments from a session of playing around with it. It’s just a 4-note starting sequence in Pendulum mode, with 3-4 branches, slowly modulating the Path CV. And that Fx-Aid: Best buy ever! Sounds gorgeous with an ever growing list of effects ready to download. Igor really hit it out of the park with this one.