apologies for the poor quality - v much WIP n getting lost noodling :slight_smile:

p.s - dance!!!

more poorly-orchestrated grooves :slight_smile: this im afraid is the limit of my poor laptop


loving FWs new phase®

bit more polished

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12 month in the addiction only grows :man_dancing: :mushroom:

aphex twin would be proud!!!

dead simple kick synthesis with NYSTHI’s excellant new BZ envelope - node 1 of the amp env gives vol control on the “click” and duration knob for a “duf” or a “doof”


sorry, for clarity meant to say and tweak the duration knob etc…

hi @muwkuu - FYI, you can edit your posts at any time rather than adding replies :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing and happy noodling !

So the Triggern Ins are from a clock, and the green Out from the VCA goes to the mixer - where does the yellow out from the VCA go ?

Into vcv scope, Id loaded a kick sample for comparison, apologies for the messy posts, been lost in envelopes for 3 days straight lol

Also realised the screenshot above is basically sonic academy kick/kick2 VST

Gotcha that makes sense :slight_smile: