Mutron Bi -phase, Phase shifting

Here I go again, trying to recreate a Mutron Bi -phase in VCV Rack. Any module ideas?

Phasers a plenty, just wondering what modules would help with the phase shifting aspect-all-pass filters have been mentioned-are there any in Rack? Thanks once again for your time and ideas, they always come in useful.

Mutron Bi-phase

great idea! I tried to make one of these in 2004, but it didn’t come out so great.

Why don’t you look for an open source phase shifter and copy its APF (there are a bunch)? or just look it up on the google, they are super simple.

btw, that is a two pole allpass. You don’t want to use that. use a one pole and string them together.

Ok, but I am trying to make this in VCV Rack, not trying to recreate it in the real world. So are there any modules that are all-pass filters? Sorry if that sounds a bit sharp wasn’t meant to be! :pensive:

Everything I have said applies to making a VCV module. I am talking about digital filters, like you will need to put in your module. And of course the “idea” to look at the source of another VCV module and re-use the ideas/code applies directly to VCV modules.

I don’t have nearly all the modules installed, but I have many, many phase shifters. look at them.

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Thanks for the answers, they all look good so which ones combined would get near to Mu-tron Bi-phase? My idea is to use a combination of modules, rather than go into the ‘coding side’ of one module. Is that even possible? I hope so.

Not sure what you’re attempting, but if you look the Just A phaser had both all pass and notch filter modes, but that sounds like it might be too easy for you :joy:

Oh! I get it. Sorry. I’d say pick one that sounds good, and then make your patch. Sounds like it would take two phase shifter modules and then some clever patching of the control voltages to implement some of those cool features?

Not surprisingly, it looks like with the @almostEric (Frozen Wasteland) you can put in your own CV and not use the modulation. So you could probably build exactly what you want using that, because that (I think) will just be a “voltage controlled all pass”.

I don’t know of a pure all pass filter module, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one exists.

Thanks Eric, the idea is to try recreate the Mutron Bi phase in the picture in VCV Rack. The thing I was not sure about was the ‘phase shifting’ aspect between the two phasers. I don’t always go the easy route, so would 2 ‘Just a phaser’ modules do the job?

Yes, but to get the exact modulation control from the biphase you might want to use your own modulation and not use what’s on the module. Esp if the biphase lets you sync the modulation, you might want to use your own LFO’s and mixers and such to do your own mod.

This is cheating, isn’t it? :wink:

(My Helix has an emulation of a mu-tron bi-phase, but actually not a good one)

Happy patching!

I suspect one just a phaser with the stereo spread wide wound do the job

can you really get one going up and the other going down like that? Or two different LFO rates?

I have an Arturia one that’s top notch, but yes also cheating

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If you are going to cheat, might as well get the real thing image

The Surge Filter has allpass, afaik. Cheers!

Thanks dDom, another module to investigate, much appreciated.

Hello Eric, I have run 2 ‘Just a phaser’ modules in the set up below-Vult Vraids and VoxGlitch’s Autobreak are the sound sources, however I don’t get much tonal difference when I turn/alter the knobs. Am I ‘overegging’ the CV Pudding on this set up, any help would be appreciated.

um, yeah.

totally. Not quite sure what you are doing with the feedback loops. or anything really.

Good rule of thumb is to get things working then start getting crazy with the modulation :wink: