Mutable ports to Disting EX

Braids, Rings and Plaits have all been ported in recent weeks to the Disting EX.

With Braids and Plaits you get 4 copies of each, which allows you to run one full featured copy, two with pitch, trigger and one other CV input, three with pitch and trigger or 4 with some combination of shared pitch, triggers and CV.

With supporting modules (which various connect to the Disting EX with Midi, I2C or System Bus) you can expand this setup into something pretty spectacular in hardware (if easy in VCV).

FH-2 buys you the ability to connect your Midi or MPE controller, the new CVM-8 gives you 8 extra inputs, and the Befaco VCMC gives you jacks for 8 CVs and 8 Gates, and separately available sliders and buttons. This latter allows you to explode these modules to make the deep menu diving otiose (a la Plaits/Palette in VCV).

Basically, you have a highly configurable quad polysynth with Braids or Plaits in Disting EX now. It might not be much fun to configure (but, fortunately, you get banks of 256 presets to save your work).

Impressive stuff from Os (and I expect more Mutable ports are coming). I had actually considered selling my Disting EX, but now I want another one!

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I’ve got the single Disting mk4, anything for those or only the Ex as it’s more powerful?

Not seen anything, but you never know if he might put a single version on it. IIRC, the Mk 4 does not run at 96KHz?

Not sure. I do everything at 48 kHz, but I guess you mean needs to be at 96 kHz to match MI code?

They will run at a reduced internal sample rate, but Os was particularly keen to point out that he can fully reproduce 4 pukka copies of these modules at 96KHz in the Disting Ex, matching the original specs.

Fair enough. tbh just having one Clouds available would be great.

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I’ve had my eye on the Pusherman Typhoon kit as far as that is concerned for a while, but if the Disting EX can handle 4 copies of Plaits then I am sure it can do Clouds, Kammerl, Parasites etc… Fingers XXed that they are coming.

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The Pusherman module I keep hovering over is Twiigs, the one that is basically a double copy of MI Branches. I have it on O_c, but I love the long faders.

Yes, you can even put a clock divider/multiplier on it.

I am covered with Branches and the Doepfer standards on these, but it is a very attractive little module. Popple is another one that doubles up on Mutable.