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In the Discord chat with Andrew today I mentioned the videos from Adam Neely and Rick Beato, so I thought I’d drop a link to their channels here. If you have any links to other channels that actively teach/discuss music (i.e. more than just having music playing/reviewing gear) and can add them here, that would be great. Of course, I’ve also included Andrew Huang below too. I’ve also learnt a bit from In The Mix.

Adam Neely

Rick Beato

Andrew Huang

In The Mix


I have watched Rick Beato on and off for a while. He does some great essays!

Looks interesting - thanks.

12Tone -


Here’s some online learning channels I found useful for myself.

The “Explained” playlist On Cloud Sine is a nice breakdown of basic concepts.

More basic understanding tuts at Wikiemedia.

Three part playlist on compressors at SonicSenseProAudio was useful to me.

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Dieter Stubler mentioned this channel on FB today: Signals Music Studio. The host Jake Lizzio is a pretty good teacher and guitar player.


Nahre Sol is amazing and funny also:


Nahre is an amazing person, always interested in new things to experiment with, first looping, now even synths ! And she always reply to DMs rather fast ! Such a lovely person and very talented and hard working too :blush:


@PaulPiko … In the mix has some nice vids on Recordinglevels, Mixing and Mastering.

shows some recording and producing stuff made with Ardour, that can be very helpfull with the new MindMeld Mixers. The YT-Channel of Mixbis Console is interresting here too

OFC Colin, he explains a lot on his Mayhem’s

If you wanna know what those modules do

And lets not forget

he got me into Generative Sounds

And last but not least: He is one of the Renoise Gods … hi shows his workflows on composing that can be abstracted to any other software.


Hi folks. I just remembered there is theThe Library thread in the Lounge category. Maybe we should merge this thread to that to keep all reference material in one place? :books:

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I follow that channel


Another one for Guitarists out there

this guy is awesome, I’m a big fan of ambient guitar, i’m trying to build a lil pedalboard for ambient guitar and i love his channel (i still need a volume pedal, and also new patch cables, current ones are very noisy, and i can’t possibly put my noisegate after the reverb :frowning:)

Paul Davids is pretty awesome too as a guitar teacher !


I often go on these 2 youtube channels, where they explain simple harmony tips for beginner or advanced pianists.

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