Multitracking from Mindmeld Mixmaster into Bitwig - Send FX

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a really obvious question. I have a number of large projects made in the traditional VCV way with a Mixmaster and send effects that I want to multitrack into Bitwig. I have worked out sending the Poly Direct Outs to an Unmeld and from Unmeld in to a Audio 16 which works perfectly but the audio is missing the send effects. Is there any way of getting the channels with their send effects from Mixmaster in Bitwig?


Put the fx on inserts.

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Or you have to record the send FX channel as a separate track.

I would indeed record each of the 4 FX as separate tracks. These signals are already available in the last 8 poly signals of the Grp/Aux poly direct out port:

You might need another audio module for these signals though. If that does not work, Ewen’s idea of putting the effects in each track as inserts might do the trick, but then the effects have to be replicated for each track, and the AuxSpander becomes irrelevant.

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The key thing to understand about Send FX is that they are not applied to tracks individually, but to a stereo bus that is the sum of all the tracks that are being sent to that effect.

There is no point in the signal chain where an individual track is being effected separately from other tracks, so there is no way to isolate and access an individual track with its FX (unless you solo it).

If you want individual tracks with their FX - you need to put the FX inline in the signal path - either before the mixer or by using the mixer’s inserts.


Thank you so much everyone, much appreciated!

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