multitrack recording via LAN

I am using two computers, one for Rack, one running Cubase. I am looking for a way to stream 16 tracks of audio from the Rack system to the Cubase system for recording and mixing. Both systems are running windows10. I know I can just record the tracks in Rack, and bring them over to Cubase, but it would be great to have a direct connection, also because I use external synths, and want to keep everything in sync. I have looked at Steinbergs VST connect, and that looks promising, but I cannot find a way to get Rack’s audio into the VST Connect application. I tried virtual audio cable, but that’s max 8 tracks. Been looking at Max to route the audio from Rack to VST connect, but it’s quite a learn. Been looking at Jack, but that’s also not very intuïtive, to say the least.

So, who has got a solution/suggestion?

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You can try ReaStream from Cockos which is available for free. Works quite good for audio and MIDI for one-way communication.

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I’m guessing it would be easy (and expensive) if both computers had Dante cards in them?

Try AsioLink Pro maybe is what you need.

Yes, I guess so too :). I’ve been toying around with dante software, but that did not work out.

Thanks. Looks good, but just 8 channels, if I’m not mistaken


This won’t help you, as Host XL supports only 8 input/outputs. But you can use multiple instances in parallel…

I’ll see what it can do. Thanks so far.

Sorry to bump up an old thread, but did you ever get this working? I’m still looking for a way to run Rack on two computers and mix the audio over the network somehow. Curious if Reastream worked…

in case you are on linux then the network mode of jack works quite ok - at least i used it a few times already to route audio and midi between two machines (one of them being a sonaremin) … of course you’ll get some latency and for that reason only ethernet makes sense, wifi would add too much latency i guess …


I’ve given up, could not get it to work in a practical way.

dante virtual sound card or VIA ought to be able to do this without hardware:

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