Multiple selection holding SHIFT (suggestion)

I noticed that I can’t select modules by dragging the mouse and holding shift, when other modules are already selected. Notice that I first select the 2 oscillators, then I press and hold SHIFT and when I try to click and drag to select the ADSR and the reverb, the oscillators are unselected. I need to click the modules one by one, which can be a pain if there are many modules to select:

I tried different keys, but it doesn’t work at all. If this is how it works right now, then I would suggest this feature.

What do you guys think?

I like the way it works now, shift+drag to grab the vast majority of modules then shift+click to add in or remove individual modules from that selection.

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You don’t actually need to hold shift for the first selection.

Also, this wouldn’t change the other behavior of clicking individual modules while holding shift. What I mean is that we could hold shift and then click and drag to select a bunch of modules as well, while keeping the first selection intact

Pretending that these audio regions are the modules. See how I can select multiple “modules” by clicking and dragging a second time (or third, etc), while the first selection is still selected. And I can still select/unselect other “modules” using shift and clicking them