Multichannel WAV player modules?

I only know of NSYNTHI Musicalbox2, which can play multichannel wav files.

Are there any other modules out there that can do this?

I am looking for ways to play 5ch wav files, each file will always have 5 channels.

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@synthi is the master of this stuff. Why not use the NYSTHI recorder(s)?

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He wants the inverse! Wants to play a multichannel wav in a module (I don’t have one :frowning: )

oh, sorry.

“I only know of NSYNTHI Musicalbox2, which can play multichannel wav files.”

I guess the post was incorrect?

Musicalbox2 is awesome! I’m using it right now :smiley:

Was just wondering what else is out there…

Musical Box 2 is multifile but not multichannel from the same file

Yes multichannel native is yet a problem I think. A few month ago I did a 4 channels sound installation using VCV, I recorded everything using two Master Recorder modules synced with the same button. The first push prompted the naming pop-up two times, and it was unsynced, but the second time it only incremented the name and everything was synced perfectly. I then used the two stereo files in Reaper, to output a 4 channels wav. I have no idea how to use multichannel wav files in VCV though, so no help for the question that the OP (maybe ?) asked.

who wants to bet that by the end of the weekend Nysthi will have a multichannel wav player module? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Weeeell if one can make wishes, I want a Serge TWS module (or is there one already ?). :smiley:

best candidate is simpliciter

I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning




lol +1

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Simpleciter can play 5ch wav?


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