Multichannel WAV playback module

Hello this is my first post here. I’ve been using my euro rack modular synth for years to create laser shows, I recently tried sort of re-creating my euro modular synth patch inside VCV rack and was excited with the results.

I was wondering, is there a sampler for vcv rack that can play back multichannel wav files? right now I have WAV files of my old laser shows that would be fun to launch using vcv rack, right now in order to do that i have to split my wav file into 5 individual mono WAV files and use five different sample playback modules synced together in vcvrack to playback my shows

Greetings ! Check out the samplers in the NYSTHI plugin, you might find something there that does what you want.

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I doubt any of the wav samplers/ payback modules can load a multi track wav. Check with Antonio @synthi

Do you mean NYSTHI?


there are no multichannel wav loader player between nysthi modules

but I guess I could do a musicalbox3 that does just that : til 16 synchro tracks

(or better a simpliciter with max 16 tracks)

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that would be such an incredible help to me.

currently my setup is:

musicalbox2! i use 5 individual mono wav files per laser animation (X, Y, R, G, B)

i use a befaco attenuator offset out multed 5 times to the sample playback speed (it was hard for me to find unquantized speed adjustment in most samplers, i was thrilled to find this in the musicalbox2)

i use a gate push button module multed 5 times to the “play start”

it gets messy fast and i want to use a ton of laser animations, so using a sampler that i can just drop a single multichannel wav file onto, and then it has individual outs for each channel, and a single speed control for all five channels, a single play button etc, would be incredible.

sorry i am new to this forum, how do i private message?

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aha, i think i had to post more than once or something to unlock that feature!

I’m also interested in multichannel file playback for 1st and 2nd order Ambisonics files.

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