MPE control module

Is there any plan in the foreseen future for an MPE WXYZ module so I can use MPE control in VCV Rack 2 Pro? Cherry Audio Voltage Modular introduced an MPE interface now VCV needs one! My vote for MPE!!!

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VCV Rack introduced 2 MPE interfaces, now Cherry Audio needs one …


My module is made for use withe the LinnStrument. AFAIK someone tested it with the Continuum Mini and it worked.

@quantextkbd what ist your use case, what controller do you want to connect?

I am planning on buying an Expressive E Osmose which uses the same synth engine that the Continuum uses called the Eagan Matrix and has the same sounds as it. It’s supposed to be available soon.

I think, you will see some updates on my module before the Osmose keayboard will be available :sunglasses:

I made some tiny changes to my VCV MPE module: No you can access pitch-bend independently from the note pitch, e.g. to use the x-axis for something different than a pitch slide.


Ok - I love that these two modules exist: thank you to the creators!

Small request in both directions:

  • i love that the Ahornberg module splits up the Note info with the per-note Pitch Bend info - I love being able to remap per-note PB to other things

  • but the Ahornberg doesn’t have initial key on velocity or final key off velocity, like the moDllz MIDIpolyMPE does

Seems like a natural extension for both modules?



Jumping in a year later - i just got a used LUMI Keys controller and am using it with this module just fine. There’s no “Y” axis on this controller, which is too bad, but everything else works.

Is there a way to access initial key-on and final key-off velocities? W is just on/off and Z is, of course, the poly aftertouch…

In the right-click-menu you can enable Gate Velocity Mode to use key-on velocity.

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Oh! Should’ve though to look there. Thank you!

AH, ok - i have the new problem now: when i’m in “Gate Velocity Mode” the signal is a full -10v/+10v with “key off velocity” in the negative half - but very light touches fail to climb above 0v and trigger a gate. Is there a mode that only listens for key-on velocity, or splits on/off up somehow?

use an offset module to move it up to the range you need (BogAudio Offset or the like)


Yeah - i tried scaling it and the like, but the difference between note-on vel and note-off vel is such that sometimes a note goes “off” with a large negative value and then a soft “on” doesn’t push it over the line. OR, if I raise everybody high enough to get the soft notes, then soft “note offs” don’t turn the sound off…

Every offset module also has a scale knob, so just push it up by 10V and set scale to 50%, which should end up making it 0-10V, further scale to taste

No, but you can use 2 modules listening to the same MIDI in port, and if you set one in velocity mode and you set the other one not in velocity mode, I think you will get what you need.

Also be aware that my module is tested only with the Linnstrument because I don’t own any other MPE controller.