MPE control module

Is there any plan in the foreseen future for an MPE WXYZ module so I can use MPE control in VCV Rack 2 Pro? Cherry Audio Voltage Modular introduced an MPE interface now VCV needs one! My vote for MPE!!!

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VCV Rack introduced 2 MPE interfaces, now Cherry Audio needs one …


My module is made for use withe the LinnStrument. AFAIK someone tested it with the Continuum Mini and it worked.

@quantextkbd what ist your use case, what controller do you want to connect?

I am planning on buying an Expressive E Osmose which uses the same synth engine that the Continuum uses called the Eagan Matrix and has the same sounds as it. It’s supposed to be available soon.

I think, you will see some updates on my module before the Osmose keayboard will be available :sunglasses: