MP MIDI Controller

This controller looks really interesting.

Really nice and reasonably priced. When VCV 2 is released this might get really interesting.

Hm, the wrapper looks interesting, but 32 rotary-encoders + touchscreen for 780€ + VAT + duties seems overpriced to me.

wow, that’s Pro Tools level of cost! fwiw I always found it very handy that the plugin parameters all show up on the control surface with Pro Tools.

Looks interesting! But not sure if this is the right price. It would not come out that you will overpay much more than the real cost of this device.

I know Behringer aren’t flavour of the month, but I’m hoping their mooted update to the BCR2000, called BCR32, comes out because it’s got most of the features I’d want without being crazily expensive.

I’ve not watched the OP video but I did become seriously interested in this controller last November when it was a kickstarter, and had an email exchange with the dev.

I think it is excellent for VSTs. Either using a factory layout or your own you can map all your VSTs once and have hands on control of them.

I don’t think it is quite so great for virtual modulars though. You would have to map every patch from scratch each time (beyond things like mixing templates). It would work well if you used a fixed rack though or had certain ‘performance patches’ that you like to play.

Yes, and sadly this would be true for every kind of controller.

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Has anyone tested the VCV Rack Pro VST with the MP MIDI Controller?

pffft … I want what Hans has…