Mouse almost unusable on Windows 10

I hope there is a solution for this:

  • The moment I push the left mouse button the pointer disappears.
  • Rotating knobs is guesswork not just because there is no pointer, but I cannot see any logic about what kind of mouse movement moves a knob or slider in a specific direction.
  • The scrollwheel scrolls the rack up and down. I don’t need this but I’d rather point with the mouse on a knob or slider and use the scrollwheel to change its position.
  1. View > lock cursor while dragging > deactivate
  2. Most of the knobs will increase clockwise while pushing the mouse forward and decrease CCW while pulling the mouse towards you.
  3. Do you have any external midicontroller with a rotary-encoder? Then use stoermelder sail - that one rotary controller can be used then to change the value of the poti or fader your mouse currently hovers over. Mousewheel is fixed to scrolling as far as I know.

You, Sir , are fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that, never thought of using my mousewheel this way.