Mount Shrine - Music Thread

Hello VCV Community! My name is Cesar and I’ve been releasing music as Mount Shrine since late 2016.

I’ve been interested in the modular world since last year and VCV Rack has been quite an awesome thing to learn. Yesterday I uploaded one of my personal favorite patches. It’s an ambient thing called “Sunwashing”, done with Resonators, Southpole Smoke, Vult Lateratus and with Random Sampler generating pitches and gates/then quantized through JW Modules’ quantizer. It sounds a bit unpolished and weird, but I’m still a totally beginner in this world. :slight_smile:

I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll try to show more about my experiments and weird dronin’ soon!


Sweet sounds ! really enjoyable :blush:

Welcome to the community ! Hope to hear more from you :slight_smile:

As OP-1 Keyknobe would say, “You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.” :smile:

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Thank you!!! :smile: Still sorting out the basics because there’s A LOT to learn! I always feel a bit embarrassed to share my stuff, but I love how supportive the community is!


Lovely piece Cesar, very nice work! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Thank you Lars! Yeah, definitely you will! Uploading this video really encouraged me to keep on my learning journey! :smiley:

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Here’s something I did today. Quite simple again, but I’m loving getting deeper into Bogaudio and JW devices recently. I’ll probably record a multi-track version of this patch and finish it through Ableton, who knows?


That’s a lovely, peaceful piece of music.

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Hey guys! Sorry for not posting recently. Things haven’t been quite nice around here.

Here’s a weird techno thing I made today, to see if I could come up with something after feeling a bit burned out today. It doesn’t sound that good honestly, but doing random things just for the sake of learning something new is better than doing nothing, right? :smiley: