Motu 828 mk3 dc coupled INPUTS?

Hey all,

I’m trying to determine which route I’d like take in order to create a hybrid setup (round trips into VCVRACK), on a budget. As it stands I have a Digitakt, subharmonicon, behringer neutron and a keystep. I’m currently using my Digitakt as my audio interface for the subharm and neutron.

I don’t have a skiff currently, so I’ve been exploring the dc coupled interface route, but from what I can tell the options that include DC coupled INPUTS are very limited (Motu 8a).

I did come across the Motu 828mk3, which hits the right price point on the used market, but I can’t tell if the inputs are DC coupled or not, does anyone know for sure?

Sweetwater has a list of DC coupled interfaces and although it’s from early last year it does include the 828mk3

but, just realised your specific question is on the inputs. I bet the vast majority of these will have just DC coupled outputs.

An article on the Ableton site states

Although there are several interfaces on the market with DC-coupled outputs, the only known interface that also contains DC-coupled inputs are the ES Series interface modules made by Expert Sleepers and the Orion Studio Synergy Core by Antelope Audio.

Looks like your best bet may be to go the Expert Sleepers route, just buy a mini eurorack case for something like the ES6 to deal with CV input and then choose whatever interface you want to handle the other stuff. The ES6 is about $150, but the Antelope is getting on for $3k!