Most visually cool - beautiful - interesting looking plugins

Happy vcv Wednesday… like many of ya’ll i’m looking forward to playin some vcv rack after work. One big thing for me is how sweet the plugins look. yes i’m like a raccoon I like shiny stuff and respond to digital displays and real looking modules.

What are your favorites? and why? this is purely subjective.


  1. clocked and most other plugins by Impromptu - in dark mode. Looks spectacular
  2. any of the plugins by southpole with the super realistic red digital displays.
  3. Rodent modules messed up oscillator - that cat is special.
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I like grayscale’s designs and those of bog audio.

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  • Unless Games Piong
  • Lindenberg modules (with there numerous facias)
  • Nysthi phasor makes sweet patterns.
  • Alikins color panel turns up in a lot of my streams
  • JW full scope is also popular
  • Valley and Vult stuff looks good

These are just some highlights.

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Like the light gray background with black letters and signs so the most of my MusicMachines look like this:

Also I made UIs with corrections and complements like this:


Its some work…


Complete tangent: I’ve never used the real Maths or Befaco Rampage (though i have used the vcv version of rampage). How similar actually are they?

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the shapes are correct on the left panel
log curves on the left
exp curves on the right

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Could you have a look at the originals also?


could not see any difference at the graphics

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Geodesics, without a doubt.


Sorry, but this are two different modules with different behavior. The Slope and the Shape gives you different results for the waveform.

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agreed. those geodesics are amazing and look like a very high level of graphical industrial design. they almost look too good like where did that come from who can afford some high end designer like that!

there is something to be said for some of the klirrfactor modules. green display it’s almost like the fallout 3 mini computer

one nice thing would be if they enabled a ray traces gpu based display. it would immediate turn the vcv into better than a hardware rack. yes the textures would have to get better but it’s not pushing that many polygons for a gtx 1050 level.

as modules look really good but sometimes are too dark

the Valley Amalgam is super nice and seems to have the best implementation of the realism of that type of LED display. that looks so nice

are there any gems out there anything that sounds shit but still looks super nice?

last. what about honorable mention for the most hideous looking yet super tight sounding modules??

what a link. how and where?!?

that reminded me of the super cool colors and font of amalgamated harmonics. i don’t like the displays and lack of textures and shading but the font and color is dialed

cf is very nice as is sinus modular.

my goal is a vcv if uoki tiki’s rack. crazy russian

Damn, forgot to mention them. It was in my mind as i wrote my list but just left.

jue, after staring at your MusicMachines for a while I started to get the light gray vibe. Picked them up for a mere $10 - crazy how little these cost for the efforts involved… but its a labor of love. I almost want to start researching and making my own but its so fun just using these beasts.

Floats is not something I’ve used before - but it does look real nice. Thanks for posting jue and all.

Can you guys point to any full on retro looking vcv modules? or exact clone types (the kind Snake oil dood on youtube hates) - his point is that why have something that looks analog and 3d if it is not and can take advantage of the computer world…

I digress - accurate photo real Dutch Masters style modules are what i’m seeking. The one I see all the time with the most real polished look is Clocked by Impromptu but only with the dark skin.

Can you imagine what we could do using modules drawn with real artists and using Vulkan 1.1 at that point you just go pure 3d with like the entire cabinet ray traced and stuff… hell, put on the VR helmet and turn some real knobs? sorry i’m off topic.

Lindenberg modules in “used” mode are pretty good.
One of the things I like about VCV is how “readable” patches are due to the rage of different looks.


That’s what got me looking they have not updated to v1 yet it seems.

they’re really close, I know the porting is done and all the stuff is submitted.


I build my Rack panels from photos: brushed steel plate, knobs, LCD displays, screws:


The text and knob pointers are rendered in software for clarity, but the rest is photos.

I’ll build them as genuine 3D models when stoermelder builds a module to modulate the viewing angle of Rack itself. :slight_smile:


Absolutely, coming soon:
Tired of looking at the front panels of your modules? All these cables hanging around all day long? Repeatedly voltage fluctuations and you don’t know why?
Use FLIP. Have a look at the rear side of Rack. Explore the inner circuits and the power supply. Get on touch with all the things that are going on beyond the surface. Available soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: