Most efficient way to achieve polyphony/chords?


Still new and learning modular. I’m finding myself frequently making monophonic sequences and I want to grow and expand.

My idea is to have 4 or 6 VCOs all going to one filter and ADSR, but all controlled by individual sequencers. I’m not sure if this sounds good or not. Further, if I want these to all be chords, what’s the best way to get sequencers to send this information?

Any help is appreciated, thank you

There is a lot of VCO’s that are polyphonic (search with the polyphonic tag “VCO” in the module browser) you can just merge the sequencer voltage into a polyphonic signal using VCV Merge and connect this to V/Oct input on the VCO.

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to me chords is the best since can be sequenced , but this module could be a great option too

if you are using the V1 , mostly of the VCO are polyphonic (you don’t need add 4 of 6 modules to get polyphony) just take care all the modules in the patch support polyphony , I was playing wit the regen modular vcos and I was unable to get polyphony, even I opened a issue in the bug tracker, until I realized the problem was a befaco mixer in my patch that no support polyphony , yeah, that happened to me…

edited: if you are asking about how to get the polyphony, just add a polyphonic CV to the V/oct input of the VCO

or like this


Many VCO’s are polyphonic by now, with a polyphonic input/output. Some sequencers have poly out. There are several chord modules free and paid.

If you want to combine different sequences, you can merge their CV, and send the merged poly signal to 1 poly enabled VCO. If that is what you want.

Before I found / learned chord modules, I used to dial them in in a SquinkyLabs EV3, to date still one of my favourite modules. And then there’s Dexter…

In your VCV Chords example, you can right-click on the panel to enable “Polyphonic outputs include channels 1-N” and use the 3rd output to get a polyphonic pitch CV signal with the first 3 notes.