Moog Mother-32

Has anybody built it in Rack? If not, what sequencer do you think would be best to recreate the Mother-32 and why? Honestly I’ve been trying to get into sequencers for some time but I cannot “dominate” them. Thanks!

The Mother 32 sequencer is a bit clunky. Many of the sequencers in rack can do better. E.g. Count Modula, Impromptu, lots…

The sound of the Mother 32 could be from many oscillators, e.g. the LasSeven VCO-3340 tries to emulate the chip. Mother 32-like filters include those from Vult, Lindenbergh, Squinky


Thanks! I’ll start from there and see what I can come up with. Thanks again!

This is something using the VCO-3340 and Interzone. I use Random Sampler (Marbles) to generate a random, changing sequence