monophonic priority modes


i see in the VCV native MIDI TO CV modules there are several options for how to make use of polyphony

but i see nothing about the modes to operate in monophonic mode, like giving priority to the Upper Note, Lower Note or Last Note played

one of my favorite synth patches are made of one or two layers of polyphonic pads plus one monophonic layer with LOWER NOTE PRIORITY to add a monophonic bass sound and a second monophonic layer with UPPER NOTE PRIORITY to have a monophonic melodic timbre added.

the simplest solution would be VCV to add these modes to their VCV MIDI TO CV module, just like the polyphonic modes are set now.

but maybe is here any other module i would have missed which could help ?


ok sorry, never mind

i found the module to do it:

the moDllz Dual Midi to CV module has what i need…

i didn’t look hard enough before asking

thanks again