Monome Teletype

Is the Monome Teletype available as a module?


It’s not in the library, but you can download the plugin here.

Here are instructions to adding modules not in the library.

This contains white whale, meadowphysics, earthsea, teletype, grid 64, and grid 128.

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cool, thanks!

I have downloaded these, now I have got to figure what they do, not used Monome soft ware or hardware Any guidance on whether you have to have the hardware or the functions on each of these if possible would be much appreciated. Thanks once again.

There are details on the github repo. I don’t have any experience with these modules, so can’t help more. I would only add that they should probably be considered beta/experimental so may not be fully functional.

Thanks for the info I have tried the modules out in VCV Rack and got a result, not sure how much is virtual Monome induced though. Here’s the patch:

Monome try out.vcv (199.6 KB)

Monome settings

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Hello again, The ‘Monome Teletype’ is not amongst the Modules that I downloaded, is that yet to be released/made? What does the Teletype actually do? Thanks

Looks like I linked to an earlier release that did not include it. This is the most recent release which mentions Early, incomplete support for the Teletype module. Not sure it will be functional.

Would this werk to get CV out of the ER-301? I don’t have room for a hardware Teletype, but the ER-301 needs to be connected with i2c connection.

I wonder if there is a way to connect that to the computer to communicate with The VCV Teletype

No, VCV teletype does not currently support any of the i2c features. If and when it does, it will just emulate the serial messages between virtual modules, it won’t have anything to do with a physical i2c bus and its electrical requirements. If you want to control an ER-301 with i2c, you’re going to need hardware that speaks i2c.

If rack space is your constraint, then ansible running the teletype satellite firmware might work; you’d have to write your script on a USB stick, but it would otherwise work the same as Teletype in 6hp. If that doesn’t work, then an i2c2midi might do it, but you’d probably need to customize the firmware.

Much more info here: A user's guide to i2c - Monome - lines