Monome 2.1.3 update

Has v2.1.3 updated properly for everyone?


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It’s giving me a code 127 error currently, I’m having the same issue with it showing as update needed

Congrats, this was just added to the library a few hours ago, so you are among the first to install the official library release!

The monome plugin requires VCV Rack 2.3.0 or later. To install via the library, make sure you have the latest VCV Free or Pro installed, and subscribe to the plugin at VCV Library - monome.

If you’ve previously installed a non-library build, the automatic update from the library should install over it just fine, but if you’re seeing issues you might try removing the old version prior to subscribing.


Works allright on my mac!

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Thank you very much for porting this whole collection to VCV, I am looking forward to exploring Teletype. With your knowledge and experience, what other module of this collection is worth exploring without a Grid, Arc, etc ?

(Oh and it is working alright here, Mac OsX too)

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Ah… that’s the trick!

I’m not there yet… :blush:

Teletype is the only module in the collection that doesn’t need a grid to interact with most of its features. But you don’t need a hardware grid – the other modules can all be linked to the virtual grid modules to allow use with just a mouse/trackpad.

The experience is of course better with a hardware controller, but the only major feature that you can’t access via the virtual grids is Earthsea shape memory gesture recall (which can’t work without true multitouch.)


Excellent, thank you Michael! I’ve been playing with Teletype after watching the Jakub Ciupinski video, and it’s very cool. Bit of a learning curve, not all things make sense yet, and it’s for a specific mindset. But I’m getting good results and think I’m hooked :slight_smile: The most irksome “feature” for me is probably how it’s hard-tied to a US keyboard layout; it’s not so much fun to memorize a whole other layout, so if there’s any way that can be addressed I’d be quite happy. But otherwise I’m having fun with it.

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Working fine here - MacOS Ventura 13.4.1

Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 08.44.40

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Doesn’t vcv 2 make available an api so that keys don’t need to be bound to a US layout?

International keyboard support is on the list but there are some challenges, see this GitHub issue.

Unfortunately for various reasons this isn’t sufficient for Teletype. Teletype needs to handle modifier keys and other non-printable key gestures in its own firmware, and Rack internationalization support is focused on printable characters.

The solution will likely be custom keycode maps, as different users of the same non-US layout might have different opinions about the most appropriate translation of the default layout (which is more positional than semantic) to their environment.

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Sounds right. Unless you can find a resource where all codes for all combinations of OS and international layout can be downloaded and machine processed, which is probably doubtful (although that could be Linux/GNU), you could make a little companion utility, that prompts “now press your key for semi-colon, now press your key for colon, …” that writes that custom keymap. I appreciate that it’s on the list. Will have a look at the GitHub issue and see if I can contribute anything.

Ah, ok. Btw, my ancient Seq++ has full keyboard remapping, driven by json files. AFAIK it’s never been used.

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