Mono Retrig on release

Here’s a puzzler.

I’ve got a MIDI keyboard plugged in, with the intention of playing monophonically. I’d like a gate to stay as long as any note is held, plus a trig to be sent on all note changes including releases back to a previously held note.

The main MIDI-CV module has the retrig out, but that only fires when a new note is pressed, not when it’s released.

Any ideas? I’ve got one I’m working on involving a second MIDI-CV in poly mode, a gate->trig module, a sum, and some logic to make sure the release trigs don’t happen for the last held note… It’s not what I’d call elegant. :sweat_smile: Someone else must’ve wanted to do this before right?


Thanks, but that doesn’t help. Press and hold C, and while holding, press and release G. I want a trigger on release of the G note, which this setup wouldn’t send since the gate stays open while C is held.

Oh, right! I won’t use that exact setup for tuning reasons, but this shows me how to solve it. Will check the v/oct output for changes, and quickly close/re-open the main gate on said changes. Thanks!

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