I have just received a RME ADI-2 Pro FS, that I use as a soundcard. BUT I have no more “monitor” function of the input signals (guitar or voice) in VCV. it works fine in Reaper or Cubase with the “monitor” function. is there a way in VCV to active this precious “monitor” function ? thanks for your help.

If you are on Mac then make sure Rack has permission to access the microphone in System Preferences.

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Doesn‘t it come with some sort of virtual mixer, where you can route your inputs to the main outs or headphones? Otherwise grab your guitar from the input- module in VCV, route it to your mindmeld-mixer (or else), that goes to VCVs main outputs and you should here yourself…

Did I get your point? Otherwise please clarify…

Cheers, dDom

Just for safety: Sometimes live-monitoring can be a way to create a huge feedback-loop. As long as your trying things out, you better use a guitar and not a mic…


no virtual mixer like Totalmix (RME Fireface). but now it works : I just inverted the input in Mind Meld et voilà !