Modules with no outputs (not the visual fx). How does it work

There are some modules like Frozen Wasteland Qar Probability or Qar Grooves that have only inputs and I need some help to understand how to use it. I am guessing that it has something to do with the Qar sequencers from the same brand but as I am new to the modular “thinking” I need some description on the connections and the logic behind the use of it. Thanks

I think they are extenders for preexistent modules? Extensions are used by placing them directly next to the module they extend.

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This might sound a little sarcastic. and it is. but have you tried reading the manuals?

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Hi @pedromestrejazz! @dag2099 gave the answer but here’s some of the logic. In Eurorack, some (physical) modules connect to others via proprietary cables (ofte. ribbon cables) behind the rack so that they can share functionality in ways that would be inconvenient or impossible with front-panel patching. VCV Rack has a version of this (as @dag2099 noted) called Expanders. Putting the expander module immediately next to–meaning with no space in between–the main module, on the left or right, is the equivalent of plugging in the back-panel cable. (That’s almost always how you’d position the modules in a physical rack).

There’s no visual indicator in Rack itself that the modules are connected (though some modules may indicate it). Anything with an Expander tag in the Library (and nothing without it) should support this behavior, and with almost no exceptions an Expander module is designed to work with a single type of main module.

When I get a second I’ll try to find the right section in the VCV docs, but any video featuring an expander module will show you how it’s supposed to work (since they do nothing on their own). Let us know if you can’t get this working with Qar and its expanders, and have fun!


This is me being totally sarcastic. Normally I don’t “need” reading manuals but as I couldn’t figure the logic behind it in time (because it would cross my mind eventually as it always does) I asked. If you read my post you should notice two things: the first is that I’m already on to it and second I write that I’m new to the subject of modular let alone virtual modular. I don’t read manuals because I have “Add” and am autistic so I have problems focusing on reading

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Dag 2099’s answer would have been enough (gotta thank him too) but thanks anyway and the reason I’m thanking you so late is because I’ve found it as I always do and that is to let it “brew” for a couple of days and eventually the answer “comes” to me when I least expect and as you read in my post I was on to it already.

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