Modules not updating in restart

I’m getting the notification that I have new modules pending update, but when I restart VCV, it’s stil there, as if it hadn’t updated. What do I do? I’ve logged out and back in, reinstaolled the modules (which caused me to lose them) and restarted my computer.

Which version of rack are you running and which modules didn’t update?

I have a suspicion the answer might be “earlier than 2.4.0” and “impromptu”

Some modules in the library require 2.4.0 now and I’m wondering if perhaps you are experiencing that.

If not you should share some more info about your system and so on and look in the log.txt.

Yes, actually! I’m on 2…0, and the Modules are Impromptu and VCV Free. What should I do?

Update rack to 2.4.0


update to Rack 2.4.0 will sort that out

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Thanks! I didn’t know there was an update yet

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You should see a red dot for updating Rack here:


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But that only works when you are “ONLINE” :wink:

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Which should be the case here, since the person said “I’m getting the notification that I have new modules pending update”, unless I am misunderstanding something. My point being that if someone can update plugins, they should be seeing an update for Rack as well simultaneously in the other menu, and they should do that update as well (even before the plugins ideally).


Yes off course you are right :hugs: