Modules not showing up

Hi there,

Quite a few modules that I have installed are not showing up, among the missing are Gratrix, Hot Bunny, CF, Trowa (my favorite sequencers!), Southpole — lots! (I’m on imac, if that makes a difference.) Does anybody know why they’re not showing up? Actually, I think Trowa has been MIA on my computer for several updates now. I’d appreciate any help getting them working again.


Bunny is gone and the other may come -step by step :wink:

Should have guessed that the pay one would be most quickly abandoned.

if you are talking about rack version 1, those modules still need to be updated for version 1. i know cf and southpole are in the process of doing so, but of others i have no idea.

Thanks guys. Hope they’re on the way. And thanks to anybody making these modules who might read this. It’s been a blast playing with them. Much appreciated.

Most of the paid modules have already been updated, with others soon to come. The author of that missing commercial plug-in has chosen to not upgrade.

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