Modules not showing up (but some are?) - Solved

Hi everyone, I did look for similar posts but I either didn’t find an answer or I didn’t understand the solution. Please bear with me as I am a total beginner.

Yesterday I tried to install noteseq16 from JW-Modules and even though I would update the library, close and reopen VCV Rack, it wasn’t showing up. When I reopened, it showed me the exact same modules need to be updated and are not showing up in the library. I tried a few different things, tried adding other modules from other companies (some will update, and some will not).

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Hi, in order to help you better it would be nice if you told us:

Your OS (win mac M1 linux)

Version of VCV 2.4.1 or 2.5.2 or something else.

thank you, someone helped me in Reddit, it was the version of vcv rack

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