Modules graphic issues - (resolved)

Good morning,
I’m new with the software. I use VCV Rack with mac and I have no problem, but when I use it with windows, I have some issues when I open the big files. Everything is working fine, but I can not visualise
some modules. I can only see the cable and the connection but not the graphic of the module. How can I solve the problem? Thank you and have a nice day.

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Have you tried zooming out and in? (CTRL - / CTRL + or CTRL and mouse wheel)

(of course even it worked this would be a workaround and not a real solution…)

Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately does not work…

Oh it’s weird… i sometimes have that too, and zooming in, out and back in often solves it after a few seconds…

Indeed. Seems the software is generating all the graphic but at some point stop. Could be the graphic card?

I would conclude the same… Idk how to resolve it though :sweat:

What GPU do you have?

I’d suggest updating to the latest drivers.

NVIDIA Qdro K600. I’m downloading the the last driver version, let’s see.

Updated and now it’s working. Thank you so much for your help!!


I’m starting to have the same issue since a few minutes, will try to update my drivers too
Edit : actually it’s back to normal on it’s own :slight_smile: