Module which outputs k1 triggers / gates to 1st output, k2 to 2nd, ... kN to Nth

Hello, is there a module which has trigger / gate input, reset input, and n knobs with n outputs which pass specified amount of triggers / gates from input to one of the outputs. For example, lets say it has 4 knobs and 4 outputs, knobs values are 2 4 2 8, in this case first two triggers from input go through first output, next 4 triggers from input go through second output, next 2 triggers from input go through third output, and finally the next 8 triggers from input go through fourth output (and then process repeats from the beginning for later triggers). I hope it’s obvious what reset should do in this case (it will restart the whole process no matter which step it’s on and triggers will go starting from first output again). I understand it’s possible to implement this yourself using sequential switches and clock dividers, but it’s kinda convoluted enough to justify dedicated module imo.

PS: would be nice if in addition to knobs there are CV inputs, and if there is special support for value 0 which makes module skip corresponding output entirely.

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I’ve seen no existing modules that do that.

P,S, had some fun trying it with 2 gate sequencers :

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It is actually pretty easy to patch this up with Stocastic Telegraph Fuse.

It takes a fair number of cables, but the pattern is very logical and easy to extend.

The modular nature makes it very easy to create different variations of the theme.

I like the potential of this technique, and am thinking of a Venom plugin with additional inputs and outputs and various normal connections to make it easier to patch. It may be self expanding so you could easily control how many stages you have.


“Self expanding”. Tell me more!

I may have worded that poorly. I just mean a module that can act as the parent or an expander, one module per stage at 3hp each. I’ve not committed to that design - I might instead choose one module with probably 8 stages. Heck, I haven’t even committed to creating this at all, though I am leaning toward it.

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A set of chained burst generators will do this.

Unless I am misunderstanding a burst generator and/or the OPs requirements, I don’t think that is what he is asking for.

The OP simply wants to direct an incoming clock to different outputs, with each step getting a count that specifies how many clock gates go to the step output before advancing to the next step. Can a burst generator really do that?

ahh i thought you had some clever pattern like ‘you press a button and it re-configured your rack with an expander added’. which now i think of it wouldn’t really be that hard to code up… anyway it sounded exciting even if you hadn’t done it :slight_smile:

I think so. Requires a burst generator that can be clocked externally:

Red trace is burst gen 1, Yellow is # 2 etc


Cool - I learned something new, thanks. That is almost done. It just needs a way to loop back after the last stage. A resettable sequential switch works fine. I got it to work with both a VCV 1->4 and VCV 4->1 switch.

If you connect the End output of the last burst gen back to the trigger input of the first, it should cycle.

This will also require adding some boolean OR module though (or trigger/gate merger in other words). All solutions so far are nice and demonstrate smart ways to use modules, but also they all take quite some space. I believe dedicated module for this task could use 3-6 hp, and maybe a bit more with CV inputs.

Depends on the usage. If it’s free running (which it would be if it was cycling), then the initial trigger can be from the manual trigger button. If it needs to be triggered externally then yes OR logic would be required to combine the two triggers however once VCV Rack 2.5 is officially released, you’ll be be able to stack input cables so OR logic won’t be required.

If there’s enough interest, a cascading burst generator would be easy enough to put together.


Wow, that’s going to be my favorite new feature!

Geez - I guess you can lead me to water, but can’t make me drink. Of course that works!

I had never used a burst generator, and was under the false impression that they always fit the count within one clock cycle, as I think the Befaco Burst does. I had no idea there was so much variability in design.

Not precisely, most burst generators are free of clock reset and reset via the burst trigger. Even the Befaco is not reset by clock, but judges how long the initial type cycle is by the clock or ping. If you trigger right on clock, yea the un multiplied or undivided burst will seem bound by the clock, but hit the trigger in between clock pulses and your burst will extend over the bar line or clock input. And with divided bursts, it stretches over N clock pulses for the time window. Bursts are fun and we have some great ones in rack, Befaco. Count Modula, and Repelzen leap to mind.