Module to send triggers in hierarchical order


I want to send a trigger impulse to several modules, but I want to control the order of transmission because one receiver must get the trigger before the other ones. Which module could I use?

Thank you in advance.

Hi! I think a sequential switch is what you’re after. You can send one signal, in your case a trigger, to multiple destinations sequentially. There are a few to choose from -

Is this what you’re looking for?

There’s a one sample delay in every module, so you can run a signal through a multiple, or I believe there is a module that will delay a signal a few samples.

you can misuse “strummer” too

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I sometimes use this one :

I guess this is the module @chaircrusher was referring to. Sorry @synthi I did not want to reply to you but to @roald.baudoux

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You can use the SubmarineFree BB-1xx modules to delay signals. If you do not connect anything to the clock input of the BB delays, they clock every sample, so each output is one sample delayed compared to the previous output.

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Thank you guys, what I was after is something like the SubmarineFree BB-120 I guess.