Module to randomize connections?

Is there a module out there that randomizes the connections on selected modules? I found one that could be the beginning of something that could work like that, but it’s not developed anymore and it’s not actually doing what I’m looking for. It’s called What The Jack (VCV Library - WhatTheRack WhatTheJack)

One of the things I love the most in synths is randomization. Sometimes it’s enough to spark some creativity when you don’t know what you want to create.

So I think it would be great if we could have a module (or maybe a native feature similar to Randomize, but it would be Randomize Connections, for example) and it would just randomize the cables on the selected modules only.

Anything out there already? If not, would this be something you’d find useful?

You can get some of that functionality by connecting two modules through a third module that acts as a kind of patch bay, like this one…

That switch has a randomize option in the right click menu and that will randomize how inputs connect to outputs.

If you look through the library at the 2,800+ modules already there then there is a good chance the thing you are after already exists or can be built by combining a few existing modules.

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Thanks for the suggestion. In this case it’s really just a matter of picking random modules in a patch and keep randomizing, then maybe pick other modules and do the same thing. Something that doesn’t require any planning or “logic”, like using the module you suggested. Something quick and 100% random.