Module to map MIDI "percussion notes" to specific parameter values in Macro Oscillator 2

Hi. I’ve done some searches on the forum and the library but I’m stuck, so…

Here’s the scenario, which is an experiment as research for something else I’m working on.

I have a MIDI drum pattern in Live. I want to map each note to specific parameters in Macro Oscillator 2 (Plaits) so that when, say, MIDI note C2 is triggered the Model is set to “Analog bass drum” and the Frequency, Harmonics, Timbre and Morph parameters are set to specific values. The parameters would be set to different values when a different MIDI note comes in, so if note D2 is triggered I could play the snare drum model.

I realise this is a bit odd as I could just have multiple Macro Oscillator 2 modules mapped to specific notes, but this is an experiment for something else.


You could use the “8face” module from Stoermelder to capture the different settings you want, and then trigger 8face with the MIDI notes to shift between settings. See the context-menu of 8face for triggering by notes.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I shall give that a go.

Update: That’s a bingo! I had to remember to include the attenuverter positions in the snapshots, for that extra modulation goodness, but works a treat. Thanks!