Module that Outputs Mouse Position CV

Is there a module in the Library or otherwise that outputs CV proportional to the current position of the user’s mouse?

There are number of xy pad modules. My pachde-1 Imagine module has an xy pad mode.


Here are a few tests I did to explore using a few modules for this purpose. There are some nice differences between these three. Zooming into the active area of the module will give something like a full screen mapping to the CV coordinates, although not perfect 1:1 mapping to the screen resolution. I suspect a 1:1 screen mapping of cursor coordinates to CV is what you are asking about.

Additional offset modules are needed to adjust CV range. One advantage of this module is that it respects the aspect ratio of the image which can be helpful to get a more accurate feel while tracing around the screen.

Square aspect ratio image used.

16:9 HD aspect ratio used

Additional offset modules are needed to adjust CV range, and the precision of the built-in offsets seem a bit funky, but that’s easily adjusted for in the added offset modules. There are outputs for +XY and -XY. This one also has cool reanimate modes in the right click menu to playback whatever was last drawn, along with draw speed controls. These are nice options for different arpeggios.

This one has right click options for CV range, so no additional offset modules needed. It can also record and playback the current drawing when a clock is plugged in and running. Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently respect the range setting while drawing. (Issue submitted on github). This module has a cool unique feature in the right click menu called Tablet Mode which doesn’t require clicking in the pad to start drawing. That feature doesn’t work in recording mode, but doesn’t seem like an issue because it’s an inherently different kind of feature.